Today my friend Mike and myself ventured out to the Virginia town of Occoquan which is built on the Occoquan river. The river empties into the Potomac river.

It is an artsy sort of town with a lot of unique shops and restaurants and caters to those who love to spend a day canoeing, Kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding. Yesterday there were more people on the river than I have ever seen and there were lines waiting to rent all these different modes of water transportation.

People were out and about and while Mike and I practiced Covid 19 rules, there were many young people gathering large groups and not social distancing and without masks. However you could not enter any establishments without following the proper state protocols.

Outdoor dining seemed to be on a lot of folks agendas for this beautiful August Sunday (finally). It was sweet to see this lady first saying a prayer over her food.

And thankfully there were those that followed the mask and distance protocols of the day.

And they are done kayaking

2 thoughts on “TODAY IS AUGUST 31 2020

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